G3 Rifle for Sale



G3 Rifle for Sale

The reliable and robust, G3 rifle for sale  of Heckler & Koch was introduced back in 1959, and it has been the first choice for many military and corps from then. The standard issue service rifle of the West German Army is a fine, spectacular. The oddly looking G3 Rifle delivers modern exploits in the battlefield as it is full of functions. G3 Rifle will never let you come short of fires as it offers maximum of 100 round drum magazine (subject to the variant.)

G3 Rifle for sale was designed under the banner of Hecker & Koch in 1959. G3 Rifle has many variants such as G3A1, G3A2, G3A3, G3A4, G3/SG1, G3KA4 etc. G3 Rifle is widely famous for its performance ensuring quality. Almost 50 of the countries have G3 in their defensive hands including Iran, Mexico, Pakistan, Portugal, United States, Norway, Turkey etc. It has been the standard issue rifle of the West German Army.

The most widely used battle rifle, G3 rifle for sale is a semi-automatic combat rifle chambered initially in 7.62×51 mm NATO. G3 rifle  is made of sheet metal stampings which has plastic dots over it. The overall construction and the internal firing mechanism makes it budget-friendly. The manual safety, single-fire semi automatic and full automatic fire modes are supported by a solid fixed stock with an angled pistol grip.

G3 rifle  also sponsors a hardened trigger guard. The foreshock consisted of a plastic handguard shrouding a good length of the barrel which protruded a distance away and was capped with a slotted muzzle flash hider. The acquisition of the target and late night comfortability is made easy through diopter rear sight and with the front sight at the extreme end of the foreshock. The most widely used G3 rifle fore sale should be in your hands.


Technical Data:

(This data varies depending on the variant of G3. Although, this given data is description of G3A3.)

Caliber – 7.62×51 mm NATO

Length – 40.4 inch

Width – 1.8 inch

Height – 8.7 inch (with inserted magazine)

Muzzle Velocity – 800 m/s

Barrel Length – 17.7 inch

Weight – 4.38 kg

Magazine capacity –  5 / 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 round detachable magazine | 50 / 100 round drum magazine

Action – Roller-delayed blowback

Front Sight – Hooded Post

Rear Sight – Rotary Dipoter


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