Beretta 92 for Sale






Beretta 92 for Sale

The world most famous, most reliable Beretta 92 for sale  has echoed all over the world because of its unbelievable performance and has variety of variants, The most accurate, reliable and durable Beretta 92 has set standards for best military, police and tactical use. Beretta 92 comes with maximum of variety of round magazine capacity.

The most famous military and police handgun Beretta 92 for sale belongs to the royal family of Fabbrica d’Armi Pierto Beretta. Beretta’s arms have been the weapon of choice for many law enforcement, global military and commercial users. Brazilian Armed Forces, Vancouver Police Department, French Military, Iran Police, Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy, Syrian Army, Turkish Armed Forces, US Border Patrol, Bermuda Regiment are few names in Beretta users.

The most extensively tested and duty proven handgun, Beretta 92 for sale is the semi automatic double action/single action handgun, designed for ultra reliability in any scenario and circumstances. Beretta 92 offers chamberings in 9x19mm Parabellum, .40 S&W, 9x21mm IMI, 7.65mm Luger. The Bruniton non-reflective matte black finish provides extreme resistance to wear and corrosion. The improvisation in controlling and holding for hand positioning is supported by checkered grips. One of its geniuses is its reversible magazine release which allows it to operate fast magazine interchange. The safe handling of Beretta 92 for sale and soft engagement and disengagement is achieved through its ambidextrous manual safety. Why won’t you try the most widely used hand gun Beretta 92?


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Technical Data:

(This data belongs to 9×19 mm variant.)

Caliber – 9×19 mm Parabellum / .40 S&W / 9×21 mm IMI / 7.65 mm Luger

Length – 8.5 inch

Width – 1.5 inch

Height – 5.4 inch

Barrel Length – 4.9 inch

Weight – 33.4 oz

Magazine capacity – 15 Round Magazine

Firing System – SA/DA

Frame Material – Matte Black

Disclaimer: Data is subject to variants!


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