AK 47 RIFLE WASR 10 for Sale



Wasr 10 for Sale

WASR 10 for sale series rifles manufactured with stamped sheet metal receivers originally intended for single-stack magazines.  Also, In Romania the rifles are manufactured to conform with certain United States firearms regulations including Title 18, Chapter 44, of the United States Code. Also, Century Arms modifies the weapon with upgraded fire control groups (i.e. trigger), pistol grips, and plastic folding or collapsible stocks.

In addition, older WASR 10 for sale series rifles commonly produced trigger slap. Caused by the bolt slamming backward into the trigger assembly and causing significant pain to the shooter’s trigger finger. Also, some of these rifles may exhibit canted front sight blocks and gas tubes.


Wasr 10 specifications

WASR 10 series rifles are inexpensive and easily customized, with hundreds of aftermarket stocks.  Muzzle brakes, flash suppressors, telescopic sights, and other accessories available also used.

The WASR 10 for sale is a post-ban version of the AKM rifle in 7.62×39mm caliber. More-so factory-original rifles only support single-stack, low-capacity magazines (10-rounds). After import, Century Arms offered WASR rifles modified to accept double-stack, standard-capacity magazines. (So machining burrs on the magazine well may cause some magazines to fit improperly if the burrs not removed).

After the sunset of the 1994 assault weapons ban, importers were able to legally equip WASR 10. Thus with compensators, bayonet lugs, and folding stocks, making the GP WASR-10. (with GP standing for general purpose). Hence some advantages of this rifle are the reliability of the gun and the availability of standardized aftermarket parts.


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