Barrett m82a1 for sale



Barrett m82a1 for Sale

The powerhouse, Barrett m82a1 for sale  is an U.S. military standardized rifle. Barrett m82a1 has proved as the polar bear of snow covered mountains and the hawk flighting and finding its prey in desolate deserts. The accuracy, reliability and durability are ensured when it comes in your hands. Barrett m82a1 for sale is considered as the American Icon and there is no doubt about its performance. This significantly light weighted rifle, Barrett m82a1 occupies around 5 to 10 round magazine capacity.

Barrett m82a1 for sale has its origins in the lands of Barrett Arms, United States. Barrett Arms has been trust of law enforcement agencies and world’s elite military. The particular Barrett m82a1 for sale is used by armed forces as an anti-personnel system despite its designation in anti-materiel rifle. Barrett m82a1 has been the bone piercer in The Troubles, Gulf War, War in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The light weighted legend, Barrett m82a1 for sale is a semi automatic, short recoil rifle chambered variably in .50 BMG or 12.7×99 mm NATO and .416 Barrett cartridges. The receiver has steel construction which features Picatinny accessory rail for laser sights, U.S. Optics telescopic sights and flash lights. Light and heavy barrel systems are supported for automatic fires; most of the heavy barrels have attached bipods. Barrett m82a1 also features flip iron sights for quick adjustments. Its read hand grip also accepts adjustable monopod for better handling and gripping. The hawk of desert, lion of grounds, panther of mountains and polar bear of snow is an ideal choice for better shooting experiences.


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Technical Data:

Caliber – .50 BMG / .416 Barrett

Length – 48 inch to 57 inch / 120 cm to 140 cm

Barrel Length – 20 inch to 29 inch | 51 cm to 74 cm

Weight – 29.7 lb to 30.9 lb | 13.5 kg to 14.0 kg

Magazine capacity – 5 / 10 Round detachable box magazine

Muzzle Velocity  – 2,799 ft/s | 852 m/s

Action – Recoil-operated rotating bolt


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