Chiappa Rhino 30DS for Sale (Nickel Plated) 357MAG/3″BBL


The barrel position is key to the Rhino’s low recoil characteristics because it lowers the center of gravity and yields a centerline of the bore that is more in line with a shooter’s arm, pointing ability,while engaging a target.


Chiappa Rhino 30DS for Sale (Nicked Plated)

The most innovative revolver in history, Chiappa Rhino 30DS for sale  (Nicked Plated )  offers the advancement of technology which has not seen before. The 21st wonder is not traditional and offers innovation as it believes in modern problems need modern solutions. Chiappa Rhino 30DS  for sale is ideal for concealed carry as it is super light weighted. The performance is superior and exceptional which every shooter will love to experience. Chiappa Rhino 30DS for sale  (Nicked Plated )offers 6 round of magazine capacity. This product features Nicked Plated Version of Rhino Revolver 30DS.

Chiappa Rhino 30DS for sale  (Nicked Plated )has in its composition the elements of 60 years old Chiappa Firearms. Chiappa Rhino Revolver 30DS is one of the variant of Chiappa Revolver Series. Chiappa Firearms are famous for their development and production of vintage and legendary rifles and guns like Spencer rifle, Winchester 1886 and Winchester 1892. Chiappa Firearms is favourite among the community of target-shooting, Cowboy Action shooting, reenacting, collecting and hunting.

The innovative and unique, Chiappa Rhino 30DS for sale  (Nicked Plated ) is a double action/single action revolver which is chambered in .357 Magnum caliber. Chiappa Rhino 30DS  for sale brings innovation to their users by distinctive firing from the lowermost chamber of the cylinder as its barrel in on the lower bore axis. This particular barrel provides excessive reduces felt recoil. The light weight and comfortable carrying is offered by aluminium alloy frame and barrel shroud. Rhino frame features solid block of high tensile aluminium frame and all of its significant parts are made of steel.

The double action and single action is supported by enclosed firing mechanism featured by cocking hammer. The revolver’s width is minimized through the innovative hexagonal cylinder. Quick target acquisition is achieved through Red Fibre Optic front sights and Green Fibre Optic rear sights. This product features Nicked Plated Version of Rhino Revolver 30DS. The light-weighted Chiappa Rhino Revolver 30DS for sale is ideal choice where you need to surprise evil-doers.


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Technical Data:

Caliber – .357 Magnum

Length – 7.5 inch

Barrel Length – 3 inch

Weight – 1.70 lbs

Magazine capacity – 6 Round Magazine

Firing System – Hammer

Action – Single Action / Double Action

Front Sight – Red Fiber Optic

Rear Sight – Green Fibre Optic

Finish  – Nicked Plated


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