Colt 357 Magnum Revolver for Sale


  • Stainless Colt 357 Magnum Revolver for Sale have supreme confidence in its capabilities
    One of the first things to comprehend about the King Cobra is its size. More specifically, its lack thereof. If you just saw photos of the revolver, with its shrouded ejector rod and full under lug, you might think this is the first step toward a new Python.



Colt 357 Magnum Revolver for Sale

The second snake of heritage, Colt  357 Magnum Revolver for sale offers more lethal poison when it comes to stinging the evil-doers. Honoring the respect Colt heritage, Colt King Cobra 357 Magnum offers 3″ Barrel unlike its predecessors which offers 2″ Barrel. The unbelievable accuracy and soft target acquisition is its genius as likes of its heritage. Colt  357 Magnum Revolver for sale offers 6 round maximum cartridge for utmost and stop-less performance.

Colt  357 Magnum Revolver for sale has in its veins the poison of 70 Years old Colt, United States. Colt have been the weapon of choice for many law enforcement, global military and commercial users. Colt has its users all over the world, significantly its guns have been used by Dallas Law Enforcement Official Jack Ruby, Detective-Lieutenant Frank Balinger of the Chicago Police Department TV Actor Lee Marvin, Monika Ertl to cut off the hands of Che Guevera and Micheal Cavatiao used Colt in first mafia war.

The occupier of unique 3″ Barrel in its family, Colt  357 Magnum Revolver for sale is a double action short barreled semi automatic revolver. This new master of the house, Colt King Cobra 357 is chambered in .357 Magnum. The rubber wrapped grips and stainless steel helps in reducing felt recoil. Colt King Cobra 357 Magnum also features Hogue over molded beads. The maximum accuracy is supported through 1.14″ six-groove right hand twist of 3.0 Barrel”.

Quick target acquisition is achieved through Brass Bead front sights and Notch rear sights. Colt  357 Magnum Revolver for sale makes shooting in stressed situations foolproof with its LL2 trigger system. Colt  357 Magnum Revolver for sale is so light-weighted that it helps its user for exceptional concealed carry and ideal for professionals.


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Technical Data:

Caliber – .357 MAG

Length – 8.2 inch

Width – 1.4 inch

Height – 4.9 inch

Barrel Length – 3 inch

Weight – 28 oz (unloaded)

Magazine capacity – 6 Round Magazine

Action Type – Double Action Only

Front Sight – Brass Bead

Rear Sight – Notch

Frame Finish – Matte Black

Frame MaterialStainless Steel


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