Glock 21 for Sale



Glock 21 for Sale

Glock 21 for sale, remarkable for its accuracy and reliability, delivers the power of 45 Auto round with high magazine capacity. Glock 21 for sale is famous for its modular back strap which allows it to provide quick adaptation to shooter’s hand size, or to cold weather gloves. Glock 21 comes with three standard 13 round magazines.

This advanced Austrian made, Glock 21 for sale, belongs to Glock firearm family. Glock’s fires have made sounds over the world due to its reliability and simplicity. Despite being the favored law enforcement firearm, it has also been adopted by British and Russian Armed Forces in the recent years.

Glock 21 for sale, a semi-automatic and full service pistol, exhibits .45 ACP pistol cartridge. Glock 21 is a standard military handgun for 100 years with proven knock down power. Glock 21 for sale utilizes a dual recoil spring assembly that helps in taking the snap out of recoil and in reducing the muzzle flip for faster follow up shots, it also increases service life of the pistol.

It promises rapid acquisition in low-light situations due to its white-dot front sight, and white-bracket rear sight. The tactical flashlights or laser sights can be attached onto integrated accessory tail. The rough textured polymer grip provides a solid look and ultimate control to shooters. The model Glock 21 for sale is ultra reliable and its shooter-friendly operation makes it ideal for self-defence in any circumstances.


Technical Data:

Caliber – .45 Auto

Magazine Capacity – Standard: 13

System – Safe Action

Barrel Length – 117 mm | 4.61 inch

Trigger Pull – 28 N

Weight – without magazine: 745 g | 26.28 oz

Weight – with empty magazine: 830 g | 29.28 oz

Weight – with loaded magazine: 1100 g | 38.80 oz


Length (overall) – 205 mm | 8.07 inch
Width (overall) – 34 mm | 1.34 inch
Slide Length – 193 mm | 7.60 inch
Slide width – 28,5 mm | 1.12 inch
Height incl.Mag. – 140 mm | 5.51 inch
Line of Sight (Polymer) – 172 mm | 6.77 inch
Line of Sight (Steel) – 171 mm | 6.73 inch
Line of Sight (GNS) – 170 mm | 6.69 inch
Trigger distance – 72,5 mm | 2.85 inch

Disclaimer: Data subject to technical changes.


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