Husqvarna M1885 Mosin Nagant for Sale


M1885 Mosin Nagant for Sale

The Nagant M1895 is a Belgian-designed Russian revolver. While M1895s were used in numerous countries, most of them were produced and used in Russia. Adapted into service by Tsarist Russia in 1895 and retained by the Soviet Union, they were partially replaced in service by the Tokarev TT-33 in the 1930s, but not completely retired from frontline service until the adoption of the Makarov pistol in 1952. Afterwards, they were relegated to use by second-line troops and security troops.


Husqvarna M1885 Mosin Nagant for Sale

The Husqvarna designed, Husqvarna M1885 Mosin Nagant for Sale  is one of the earliest M1885 revolver from Mosin Nagant. Husqvarna M1885 is critically acclaimed for its performance and shares a history more than 100 years. M1885 Mosin Nagant for Sale is known for its ability and sturdiness which does not let your face despair in front of enemies. One of the oldest revolver offers 7 shots round capacity for your utmost safety and for the exceptional experience of your shooting hobby. This product features Husqvarna M1885. 

M1885 Mosin Nagant for Sale belongs to the famous arms family of Mosin Nagant. Mosin Nagant has its own legends to narrate as it has participated in almost every conflict and war particularly in Russo-Japanese War, World War I, Finnish Civil War, Russian Revolution, Turkish War of Independence, Spanish Civil War, World War II, Vietnam War, Afghan Civil War, War in Afghanistan, Iraq War, Syrian Civil War, 2014 pro-Russian conflict in Ukraine. Its successor, Nagant M1895 has exhibited its exploits in Boxer Rebellion, Russo- Japanese War, World War I, Russian Civil War, World War II, Winter War, Chinese Civil War, Spanish War and in many other combat grounds.

The seven shot legend, M1885 Mosin Nagant for Sale is a double action/single action revolver chambered in 7.62×38 mmR. It features a unique gas-seal revolver which had not seen in early revolvers. The suppression of the weapon and boost to muzzle velocity is featured by the forward movement of cylinder which closes the gap between cylinder and the barrel. The completion of gas seal is featured by the short conical section of cartridge which also eliminates the possibility of any injury, thus it offers ultimate security system. M1885 Mosin Nagant for Sale is an ideal choice for your shooting habits. This product features the Husqvarna M1885.


Technical Data:

Caliber – 7.62×54 mmR

Mass – 1.8 lb (unloaded)

Length – 10.5 in

Barrel Length – 4.5 in

Action – Double Action / Single Action

Rate of Fire – 14 to 21 Rounds/Min

Muzzle Velocity – 891 ft/s

Magazine Capacity – 7 Round Cylinder

Model Husqvarna M1885


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