Kel Tec RDB CARBINE for Sale – 2015


Kel Tec RDB Carbine for sale

Caliber: 223 Remington/5.56 NATO
Barrel length: 17″
Safety Ambidextrous: Oal27.28″
Weight: 6.6 lbs
Barrel length range: 16.00″ to 17.99″
Weight range: 6.00 lbs to 7.99 lbs


Kel Tec RDB Carbine for Sale

The extraordinary bullpup rifle, Kel Tec RDB Carbine for sale stands for Rifle, Downward Eject, Bullpup. The unique in balance and trigger, Kel Tec RDB Carbine is deserved by every marksman as it offers maximum manipulation and customization. Standing its heritage, Kel Tec RDB Carbine provides the same performance as of its family members. Kel Tec RDB Carbine promises 20 round magazine capacity to take down the evil-doers in emergency conditions and delights every marksman whether he is hunting or having shooting competitions. 

The excellent at downward ejecting, Kel Tec RDB Carbine for sale belongs to the family of Kel Tec, United States. Kel Tec RDB Carbine for sale was introduced in 2015 and it has not stopped impressing its users since. Kel Tec fires have echoed around the globe as its customers reside all across the world, and federal agencies, law enforcement forces love to equip it as their sidearm.

The unique bullpup carbine rifle Kel Tec RDB Carbine for sale is a semi-automatic rifle chambered variably in .223 Rem or 5.56×45 mm NATO caliber. The comfortable ambidextrous use is supported by rotary bolt which features a spring loaded ejector and an extractor facing down as it ejects spent shells casings downwards. The tactical flashlights or laser sights can be attached onto integrated 1913 Picatinny accessory tail. The adjustable gas piston allows RDB Carbine to eliminate excessive recoil and makes it reliable for rapid loading. Kel Tec RDB Carbine  is consisted and divided in four different Assembly groups:

  • Barrel Assembly Group: barrel, optic rail, handguard, gas system, charging handle
  • Receiver Assembly Group: steel receiver, butt pad, recoil buffer, cheek rest or heat shield
  • Bolt Assembly Group: bolt carrier, guide rod, recoil spring
  • Grip Assembly Group: fire controls, hammer and trigger mechanism, magazine well, ejection port

Every marksman deserve it, and if you are a newbie then Kel Tec RDB Carbine for sale is the best thing to begin.


Technical Data:

Caliber – .223 REM / 5.56×45 mm NATO

Length – 27.3 inch

Width – 1.3 inch

Height – 5.8 inch

Barrel Length – 17.2 inch

Weight – 6.7 lb

Magazine capacity – 20 / 21 Round Magazine

Action – Gas Operated, Rotating Bolt

Twist Rate – 1:17″


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