Kriss Vector SDP for Sale – 9×19 mm



Kriss Vector SDP for Sale

The short-sized power house, Kriss Vector SDP for sale is named and stands for Standard Duty Pistol. Kriss Vector SDP brings unbelievable accuracy, extreme reliability and durability which cannot be matched. Kriss Vector SDP is considered as one of the satisfying gun for concealed cry for defense purposes. Kriss Vector SDP for Sale offers some other variants as  Kriss Vector SDP for Sale  and Kriss Vector SDP Lower. Kriss Vector SDP does not let you come short of fires while defending and shooting as it offers 17 round of magazine capacity.

 Kriss Vector SDP for Sale has in its veins the blood of Kriss Vector, supported by Kriss, USA. Kriss Vector have been the weapon of choice for many law enforcement, global military and commercial users. Kriss Vector is famous in the police departments of Panama, and in the military of Royal Thai Army of Thailand and Bangladesh Army Para-Commando Brigade.

The occupier of short barrel,  Kriss Vector SDP for Sale  is a semi-automatic handgun which features a sling mount with a affixed cap in place of folding stock. The short barrel and sling mount makes it ideal choice for simple and tireless transportation. The comfort and balance is delivered by its compactness of polymer frame. The iron front and rear sights are attached for better precision and accuracy.

The tactical flashlights or laser sights can be attached onto integrated Picatinny accessory tail. The safe handling of  Kriss Vector SDP for Sale , soft engagement and disengagement is achieved through its ambidextrous safety. The SDP supports full size Glock magazines for backup power. Kriss Vector SDP has enough in it to become your safety gun. 


Technical Data:

Caliber – 9×19 mm Parabellum

Length – 16.75 inch

Barrel Length – 5.5 inch

Weight – 5.9 lb

Magazine capacity – 17 Round Magazine

Action Type – Semi Automatic

Operating System – Closed Bolt, Delayed Blowback

Barrel Finish – Black Nitride

Barrel Material – 4140 Chrome Moly

Twist Rate – 1:10″ RH


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