M2 Carbine for Sale






M2 Carbine for Sale

The ultra-reliable M2 Carbine for sale  is a light-weight combat shotgun. M2 Carbine is famous for its supreme reliability and never failed in keeping its promise. M2 Carbine, as its family member M4, served in many great occasions and wars. M2 Carbine offers a maximum 30 round magazine capacity.

M2 Carbine for sale belongs to Benelli Armi SpA. Benelli Armi SpA is highly regarded, universally respected for safety, reliability of its products. Benelli Armi SpA firearms have been the weapon of choice for many law enforcement, global military and commercial users. M2 Carbine for sale has a great impact on Korean War and other post 1945 conflicts happened after Second World War.

The successor of highly regarded M1 Carbine, the semi automatic shot gun M2 Carbine for sale offers rapid and hardcore target acquisition. The ultra-reliability of M2 Carbine comes from Benelli’s Inertia Driven System. The tough and tighter shooting is acquired through steel-to-steel lock which is driven by a rotating bolt that enjoins the steel locking lugs into steel barrel extension.

The weather resistant synthetic stock together with a dimpled checkering pattern provides a solid look and ultimate control to shooters. The recoil reduction is achieved through Benelli’s Comfor Tech. The cryogenically treated barrels in Crio System barrels minimizes the pellets deformation. M2 Carbine also features matte black finished barrel, a red bar from sight, mid bead and lightweight ventilated stepped rib. M2 Carbine for sale is best and ideal choice for duck shooting and hunting.


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Technical Data:

Caliber – 12 Gauge

Barrel Length – 26 inch

Weight – 7.1 lb

Magazine capacity – 5 Tubular Magazine




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