SBT5A for Sale



SBT5A for Sale

Constructed on HK SP5 design, SBT5A for sale offers the same legendary performance as of SP5 and never fails the user’s hands. The same accuracy, same reliability, same exceptionality and same simplicity lies in the elements of SBT5A. The brace folding style makes it more prominent, highly customizable and offers situational shift. SBT5A for sale does not let its users come short of fires in battlefield as it offers variably 30 round detachable box magazine just like its elder, SP5.

SBT5A for sale has came to existence under the collaboration of Heckler & Koch and PTR Industries. SBT5A is exclusively designed for the Law Enforcement Agencies and Civilian markets. Whereas, Heckler and Koch is so world-widely famous for its SP5, which is the design of SBT5A, that its different variants are produced and manufactured by China, Greece, France, Iran, Luxembourg, Mexico, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Switzerland, Turkey and United Kingdom under official license.

SBT5A for sale, like of SP5 genius, is a semi-automatic submachine gun which comes variably in 9mm, .40S&W, .45 ACP, 10mm, 5.56 NATO and 300 BLK calibers. SBT5A also utilises adjustable Nylon strap and foldable brace which allows it to provide quick adaptation to shooter’s hand size and to conditions, or to cold weather gloves.The tactical flashlights or laser sights can be attached onto integrated accessory tail. SBT5A features polymer framing and it is hard-coat anodized. SBT5A also features complete assembly, aluminium end-plate and folding mechanism. SBT5A for sale, the perfect alternative to military-in-use SP5, is perfect for your combat experiences and shooting habits.


Technical Data:

Caliber – 9mm / .40S&W / 10mm / 5.56 NATO / 300 BLK
Length – 10.5 in
Strap Width – 1 in
Overall Width – 1.25 in
Weight – 14.2 oz
Magazine capacity – 30 Round Magazine
Action – Roller-delayed blowback
Fabric & Material – 6061 Aluminum Endplate , Polymer


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