9mm Carbine for Sale



9mm Carbine for Sale

The micro-modern sized, 9mm Carbine for sale becomes your defense when the police is away. The classic full-sized 1911, 9mm Carbine is designed for concealed carry, coated in traditional design with modern materials and intuitive features. The light weighted 9mm Carbine makes it easy to carry and its micro size surprise the evil-doers. This evil-doers swapper, 9mm Carbine does not let its users come short of fires as it is pregnant with a maximum of 7 round magazine capacity.

9mm Carbine for sale has lineage tag of Springfield Armory, Inc. Springfield Armory weapons have been the weapon of choice for many law enforcement, global military and commercial users. M14, one of the Springfield Armory legend, is highly regarded in U.S. Military for its exceptional performance. 9mm Carbine for sale  has also exhibited its exploits in emergency circumstances, and never let its user feel disappointed.

The micro-modern sized, 9mm Carbine for sale is a semi-automatic, light weighted handgun which is ideal for concealed carry. The first introduction of Springfield 911 9mm was in the chambering of .308 caliber. It was later introduced in 9x19mm caliber which brought it fame. This product features 9×19 mm Parabellum variant of Springfield 911 9mm. The aluminum frame finish keeps it light weighted and chamfered steel slide provides it resistance to wear and corrosion.

Octo-Grip front strap texturing and a G10 Octo-Grip and G10 thin-line grips enhance control and holding of the handgun which makes easy to acquire target. The short reset for rapid shooting is achieved through G10 Trigger shoe by Hogue. 9mm Carbine offers Am Amerigo Pro Glow Green tritium front sight and a tactical rack rear sight with tritium inside for better acquisition of the target.

The safe handling of 9mm Carbine, and soft engagement and disengagement is achieved through its ambidextrous manual safety. Your clothing will never reveal 9mm Carbine and your enemies will never know the shield you have around yourself, just have it.


Technical Data:

Caliber – 9×19 mm Parabellum

Length – 5.9 inch

Width – 1 inch

Height – 3.9 inch

Barrel Length – 3.0 inch

Weight – 15.3 oz

Magazine capacity – 6 / 7 Round Magazine

Firing System – Single Action

Sights – Fixed 3 dot iron sights

Frame Material – Aluminium

Slide Material – Stainless Steel


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