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Hellcat for Sale

The 2020 Handgun of the year, Springfield Hellcat for sale is the world’s highest capacity micro-compact handgun. The Croatian little magician, Hellcat is a masterpiece of precision developed by the collaboration top class engineers, self-defence experts and shooters. Hellcat for sale is ideal for concealed carry because of its light-weighted feature. Hellcat does not let you come short of fires as it features a maximum of 14 round magazine capacity.

Springfield Hellcat for sale has lineage tag of Springfield Armory, Inc. Springfield Armory weapons have been the weapon of choice for many law enforcement, global military and commercial users. M14, one of the Springfield Armory legend, is highly regarded in U.S. Military for its exceptional performance. Hellcat Carbine has also exhibited its exploits in emergency circumstances, and never let its user feel disappointed. Hellcat was named in 2020 as the Handgun of the Year by American Rifleman magazine as it has durability of 10,000 rounds test.

The micro-compact hero, Springfield Hellcat is a ideal concealed carry, semi-automatic striker handgun. The world’s highest micro-compact award goes to Springfield Hellcat. The Hellcat, chambered in 9×19 Parabellum cartridge, features 2 patented high capacity magazine; 1 flush-fitting 11+1 and 1 extended 13+1 magazines. The quick and accurate shots, in any lightening condition, is achieved through highly visibility provider tritium and luminescent front sight and Tactical Rack U-Dot rear sight. The consistency and clean trigger pull is conceived through its boron-coated trigger group and flat trigger body.

The precision and accuracy in Hellcat for sale  is supported by hammer-forged 3″ Barrel. The tactical flashlights or laser sights can be attached onto integrated standard accessory rail. Slide serrations also improvises the user’s ability to pull the slide back for loading and clearing the action. The rough textured grip provides a solid look and ultimate control to shooters. Hellcat provides extra rounds for your maximum security and defense. 


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Technical Data:

Caliber – 9×19 mm Parabellum

Length – 6.0 inch

Width – 1 inch

Height – 4.0 inch

Barrel Length – 3.0 inch

Weight – 17.9 to 18.6 oz

Magazine capacity – 11 / 13 Round Magazine

Firing System – Striker

Sights – Iron Sights

Frame Material – Tritium

Slide Material – Textured


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