Beretta M9 for Sale






Beretta M9 for Sale

Leaving the contenders like Sig Sauer for cost reasons, Beretta M9 for sale, a semi-automatic 9mm pistol, became the standard police handgun of U.S Military in 1980s by winning a competition. Beretta M9, the deliverer of dream-like reliability and durability, is considered as the ultimate combat pistol and  earned the nickname ‘World Defender’. This legendary gun works in temperature as low as -40 F and as high as +140 F. The round capacity for Beretta M9 depends on its variants.

The most famous military and police handgun Beretta M9 for sale belongs to the royal family of Fabbrica d’Armi Pierto Beretta. Beretta’s arms have been the weapon of choice for many law enforcement, global military and commercial users. This handgun has exhibited its exploits in Operation Just Cause, Somali Civil War, Persian Civil War, War in Afghanistan and Iraq for Global War for Terrorism purposes.

The World Defender Beretta M9 for sale is a single action, double action semi-automatic pistol chambered in 9mm Parabellum cartridge. One of its geniuses is its reversible magazine release which allows it to operate fast magazine interchange. The safe handling of Beretta M9 for sale for soft engagement and disengagement of left and right handers is achieved through its ambidextrous manual safety. . The Bruniton non-reflective matte black finish provides extreme resistance to wear and corrosion. Whether it is freezing condition on K2 or scorching heat of Afghanistan, it is the ideal choice.


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Technical Data:

Caliber – 9mm Luger

Length – 8.5 inch

Width – 1.5 inch

Height – 5.4 inch

Barrel Length – 4.9 inch

Weight – 34.2 oz

Magazine capacity – 10 Rounds Magazine

Material – Aluminium



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