Kriss Vector DMK22C for Sale



Kriss Vector DMK22C for Sale

The replica of ubiquitous AR-15, Kriss Vector DMK22C for sale is constructed for the phenomenal experience of civilians. Kriss Vector DMK22C offers unbelievable and limitless customization to achieve personalized accuracy. The introduction of Kriss Vector DMK22C lets you have a shooting experience of AR-15 in very low price tag. This undisputable replica of AR-15 is pregnant with features that it does not compromise on accuracy, reliability and durability. Kriss Vector DMK22C for sale features a magazine of 15 round capacity for ultimate experience and defense.

Kriss Vector DMK22C for sale has in its veins the blood of Kriss Vector, supported by Kriss, USA. Kriss Vector DMK22C is highly regarded for its AR-15 alike exceptional performance. Kriss Vector have been the weapon of choice for many law enforcement, global military and commercial users. Kriss Vector is famous in the police departments of Panama, and in the military of Royal Thai Army of Thailand and Bangladesh Army Para-Commando Brigade.

This unbelievable replica of AR-15, Kriss Vector DMK22C for sale, is a semi-automatic rifle chambered in .22 Long Rifle cartridge. This model has very minor differences to model DMK22P such as it is long rifle as compared to P model, few lbs more heavy and offers 16.0 Barrel”. The rifle is direct blowback replica of AR-15, a standard military gun in many countries.

The maximum accuracy to minimize bulk and weight is supported through 1.16″ six-groove right hand twist of 16.0 Barrel”. The barrel has a Black Nitride QPQ finish whereas upper and lower receivers are finished in Forged Aluminum. Kriss Vector DMK22C for sale also features functional bolt lock, functional charging handle and functional forward assist. This performance promising rifle also features defiance pistol grip, front and rear sights and 6 position adjustable stock. AR-15 furniture compatibility makes it a compulsory choice for your defence. 


Technical Data:

Caliber – .22 Long Rifle

Length – 32 inch

Barrel Length – 16.0 inch

Weight – 6.6 lb

Magazine capacity – 15 / 16 Round Magazine

Action Type – Semi Automatic

Operating System – Direct Blowback

Barrel Finish – Black Nitride

Barrel Material – 4140 Chrome Moly

Twist Rate – 1:16″ RH


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